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Hi, I am Sarah! I'm an UX designer.


M.S. in Human Factors and Ergonomics, SJSU


Logically apply design methods to address user needs, while having best interests for business at heart

Results from work

- Increase sales

- Reduce needs for customer service

- Prevent user errors


An analytic dashboard for anti-fraud manager to optimize their managerial strategy across technology, talents and queue performance and support decision making.

Keywords: Data visualization, Artificial intelligence

Augmented Reality School Social App

An integrated project with the full cycle of user-centered design, from user requirements interview to design iteration.

Keywords: UX research, UX mobile design, Augmented reality


An interactive mobile app for museum tour utilizing augmented reality technology, providing easy-to-create customized tours for all kinds of visitors.

Keywords: Gamification, Information Architecture, AR


AI-powered platform that integrated work visa application process between lawyers, employees and applicants.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Integrated platform

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