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AI Law

Valley Design Jam Competition Top 4 Winner

AI Powered Dashboard For Work Visa Applicants

Project Specs

My Role: Product Design

Team: Design jam team of 6 - 2 for visual design, 4 for product design.

Timeline:  6 hours.Feb 2019.

Scope: Analyze current design, define product value, create user persona, wireframe, user flow and prototype.


AI Law is an AI-powered work visa solution that help company of all size to easily manage work visa application, with higher success rate. 


Re-design the current web interface for easy to manage document submission flow, improve communication with lawyer, expedite revision process, while improving accuracy to ensure success rate.



Business Value and Scope

The platform coordinate between three actors: lawyers, employers, and the applicants. Due to the time constrains, we target the first time applicant for their complex procedure and problems may arise



Willa Wang                                                    

Major: Electronic Engineering 

Profession: UX Designer

Pain Points:

  • Transferred major, harder to get approved
  • First time applicant, not familiar with the process
  • Time-consuming communication between lawyers
  • Many documents to manage and review

Product Solution


Each applicant is different, and may result in different paths while applying. Personalization can reduce time wandering on unnecessary path.


After each step, AI will automatically review documents for relevancy, and provide suggestions.


Due to the large amount of document the applicants will need to submit,  prioritization allows applicants to start with higher priority documents. 


Explorative Ideas

Signature reminder

Material matching %

Vertical and horizontal timeline design

UX Design

User Flow

Main UI Wireframe


Final UI

Clickable prototype here


Result and Discussion

During the final presentation of the competition, the founder of AI Law gave us some feedback and concerns:

Founder: The UI is clean and flow is thorough. However, I am concerned about the modern AI technology's ability (and consequent engineering resources) in order for it to work.

Us: Due to the constraints of the event, we were not able to communicate with AI Law staff and understand the limit of the resources in full scope. We were encouraged to explore the possibilities and use imagination to solve the problem.

Founder: In another team's presentation, they have included features so that the applicant can view the progress of the employers and lawyers. Why don't you include it as part of the feature?

Us: We did actually consider including the feature so the applicant can be more at ease once they learn the full aspect of the process. It actually provoked quite a debate among team members. However, we decided not to include it. Since the purpose of the product is to reduce the cognitive flow of the applicants, it is not supposed to add more actions and worries to them. Plus even though they learn about the process, there are limited actions they can do to expedite it.

Founder: You're right. Actually this feature is in our current product, but we have received some complaints from the employers, asking why the applicant can see what they have not done. This is an interesting dilemma that requires more UX research to solve it.

We were able to bring home the prize~

Team photo with AI Law founder


What I Learned

  • Conduct user research in early stage of the product to validate product ideas before implementation. In this project, we can conduct user research on whether or not we should include other parties' (employers and lawyers) progress on the dashboard.
  • Collaborate along with engineers in the design process to ensure the design feasibility and communicate the value of the design.
  • Target business goal with efficient design. For example, a sticky-note-style comment feature can greatly reduce the effort the applicants and lawyers have to spend in clarifying individual questions, saving time and providing ease of mind for both parties.
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