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Augmented reality museum tour experience

Project Specs

My Role: Augment Reality App Design

Team: A student team of 3 divided into web, mobile, and admin design. 

Timeline: 2 months. Spring 2018.

Scope: UX design given product features. Students created persona, user flow, wireframe and prototype.


RockX is a new hybrid rock music museum and event center dedicated not only to the history of Rock & Roll but also to supporting its emerging artists. It's enormous size requires visitors 2 days to see all that it offers. The best chances of having a delightful visit experience are if the visitors come with a tour plan. 


Design an app that allows visitors to quickly construct a tour with pre-defined interests and goals. Support business goals while providing immersive and fun tour experience. 





Age: 58             

Hobby: Big fan of classic rock and pop music from the 70s and 80s. He often listens on Spotify where he stores his favorite songs.

Pain Points: He hopes to find a way to navigate the museum which target his interests only, so he can save some walking effort finding them, as well as tp easily create his  own customized tour.


Age: 35                      

Profession: Middle school music teacher.

Pain Points: She hopes to share the customized tour for her students as one of the class assignment. However, not all her students are motivated. She hopes there are some reward system that can provoke students interests.


Tour Creation User Flow

Users can quickly create tours by defining their interests or by importing playlists on their mobile app, while the website provides a more comprehensive tour creation process, which can be downloaded onto the mobile app.


Minimum Viable Product

To match the needs for the persona and the business goal, the product should have the following functions:

  • An easy way to construct a customized tour
  • A map view for navigation
  • Enjoy exhibition content 
  • A way to modify tour 
  • Shop relevant merchandises



Because RockX is a hybrid museum and event center, the visitors can browse events, as as workshop and concerts. They can also choose to start a tour, view the current exhibitions, or learn more about the museum.


Tour Creation

There are 3 ways to quickly construct a customized tour:

  • Download previously-saved tour from web
  • Import existed playlists from Spotify, or Google Play, iTune, etc. The AI will tailor users' music taste and create tour accordingly.
  • Selecting interests, such as preferred music era, style, and favorite musicians/albums

Augmented Reality Experience

The experience is not limited to visual -- the users can touch, listen to, and see how the exhibition items were used before.

  • View the music currently listen to
  • Explore the exhibition content
  • Shop relevant merchandises


There is an accurate GPS which can detect the location of the users to display relevant content and music.


Virtual Guitar

For more hands-on experience, the users can play the exhibited guitar virtually and adjust the special effects with the controls.


Scavenger Hunt

To engage user interests, there are some interesting personal items such as a band member's love letters, childhood photos as part of the scavenger hunt and will thrill the fans once found. The users will reveal the mysterious prize only after collecting all items.


Modify Tour

Users can modify tour by telling the AI "show me more like this" or "Don't show me similar again".

Design Choice -- Reduction: 

Let the AI do the work!



  • Follow the purple line~ 
  • Extensive map view


Don't forget to bring the memory home.


Because RockX is a hybrid rock museum and event center, it's important to integrate AR experience in events as well.

  • Live stream share
  • Song recognition 
  • Song lyrics and band member introduction


Project Impact - Persona Development


After downloading the app, James now can easily upload his Spotify playlist to create a customized tour, which saves him a lot of walking effort. He is able to modify tour to target specific interests, and navigate to cafe for rest whenever he feels like it.


Lisa was able to create a tour that fits her class agenda. She shared the tour to all of her students. With the scavenger hunt feature, she is more confident that her students will finish the tour. She receives feedback that her students had a great time.

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